Gil Creque

Developer Podcast Recommendations

Like a lot of people I know I rarely listen to the radio anymore. I listen to quite a few podcasts throughout the week and my list is ever changing depending on my mood. I have come across quite a few podcasts that are about software and web development and I thought I would share them here in case others are interested. There are plenty more podcasts where these came from but here are just a few to get you started.

  • The Hanselminutes Podcast Described as the “Fresh Air for Developers”, Scott Hanselman interviews a variety of technical people.
  • CodeNewbie This is somewhat focused on people who are just starting out in their developer career. This show also has a great community that allows new developers to help each other out.
  • Developer Tea I found this podcast recently via someone’s tweet asking for podcasts like CodeNewbie. It was a great find. I have already listened to quite few episodes in the week since I’ve discovered it. This focuses on web development and the show’s premise is it can be listened to while you have a cup of tea.

Github Activity Aside for Octopress

While working on my new Octopress powered site I began to look at the plugins provided by default. The Github repo plugin didn’t really show what I wanted on my site so I refactored it to show my GitHub activity instead. I’ve only coded about 7 or so event types thus far but I will continue to work on this plugin and release it on GitHub of course.